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We strongly believe that diverse experience contributes to a broader collective perspective that will consistently lead to better products. We're continuously working hard to increase the diversity of our team wherever we can. We actively encourage all candidates to get to know us and consider becoming part of our team.

We are actively seeking to fill the following positions right now. We're growing quickly, so check back often for new team openings. Don't see the position that's best for you? Contact us at info@wehome.my to discuss possibilities.

1. Wallpaper Installer

2. CCTV Installer & Technician

3. Smart Home System Installer & Technician

4. Wiring Technician

5. Regional Reseller (North / South Malaysia)

6. Mobile Developer (Android / IOS)

7. Sales & Marketing (Penang / Johor / Pahang)

Interested to join us?
Please contact us at 012-974 0960 / Email to info@wehome.my